Wacky Wednesday

I should’ve known today was going to be a bit off. Gavin woke me up at 6am and would not shut up. I mean it. The poor thing inherited my annoying “gift” of gab but it seems to be on hyperdrive. I’m not even sure half of what he was saying since I was still half-asleep, but I do know that no matter how many times I shushed him, he just.wouldn’t.stop.talking. I mean, it wasn’t all bad because he laid on my chest snuggling while he yakked my ear off, but it sure does lend itself to being exhausted by the end of the first hour of the morning.

I get the kids ready (Justin is in Texas again, in fact, not too far from Rachel!), Gavin eats his yogurt (finally! seven minutes of silence!), and Cooper had his yogurt in-hand to bring to school. As we walk into the garage, I grab Cooper’s hand to help him down the steps and start to close the door behind us. As I shift my weight from my leg on the top step to the other leg stepping down, Cooper trips, both his feet sweep out from under him, and we both start going down as we desperately hang on to each other. My foot that had been in-air awkwardly finds the step below (and somehow I step there without stepping on Cooper), and I hang onto the door handle for dear life because I hadn’t found my balance yet with a 30lb weight dangling off of my other arm.
As I feel my left arm being yanked painfully, I can still feel Cooper not quite on anything solid. I finally find my balance, crouch slightly to let him do a slow fall onto the garage floor, then collapse into a heap, fighting back the sobs from the scare and the stabbing pain in my upper arm. I mumble some comforting words to Cooper, pat his back with my good arm, and can’t hold back the tears any further. While Cooper asks “you huwt, Mommy?” and tries to kiss my arm, Gavin stands in front of us, arms akimbo, demanding to know why I hurt Cooper. I sob harder and blubber that we fell and that I got hurt really badly and point out that Cooper’s not hurt badly cuz he’s already stopped crying. He looked at me skeptically and asked, “can we go?” As I gather myself, I realize that during our Stairway Acrobatics, Cooper never dropped his cup of yogurt.

So I drop them off at daycare and run over to Dave and Kari’s to let out their dog. Due to some nervous stomach issues, she’s been left in the garage instead of messing the house. I let her out, offer her food, and then coax her to lay in her bed in the middle of the garage. Then I tried to close the garage door. Nope. Poor dog came running at me and tripped the door sensor.
I tried getting her to stay in her bed again, praising her for laying in it and saying “STAY!” over and over as I back out and try to punch in the keycode to close the door. Nope again, as she came crawling miserably at me and her big paws got in the way of the door sensor.
And again.
And again.
And then there was that time that I tried swatting at her to get her to back up and I tripped the door sensor.
Then finally, after putting a harsher tone in my voice, she stayed in her bed longer and only tried to crawl out when it was too late and the door made it down.

As I get in my car, laughing at the absurdity of the day, my gas light comes on. I swear, I was not meant to make it in the office today.

I wince as I pump the gas because more of the muscles in my upper arms, shoulders, and neck are starting to protest the abuse they got an hour earlier, and contemplate taking Advil with my coffee (which I made on our nice coffee machine) on an otherwise empty stomach. I decide against it until I can get to work and eat my yogurt. Noooo need to tempt fate more today.

While I’m sitting in traffic on 28, I open a package I received in the mail and it’s the Limited Edition, signed copy of Mark Levin‘s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto that I won in Right Commentary’s give away! Thank you so much again for the book–I didn’t realize it would come in such a nice box and such. Very lovely, and even lovelier of you to give it away to someone else. I swear I would’ve taken a picture of it to post if I hadn’t spent all my energy and creativity on my incredibly impressive artwork above. Instead, all of you reading this will just have to believe me until I remember to finally post a picture of it in like two months.

So anywhoo, getting the book totally made up for my crazy morning, and even when I found that someone stole one of my ultra-cool Snapware containers out of my lunchbox in the fridge at work. I could care less that they might’ve eaten the leftover Hamburger Helper that was in it, but man was I irritated that they took my container. Jerks. But I had my cool book waiting in the car for me to drool over as I sat through even worse traffic getting home. Speaking of which, what the heck is up with that??? School is out, Congress is in recess, so why aren’t my roads clearer? Oh wait. No one can afford to go on vacation so they’re staying home this summer to work their butts off. Dang economy.

Now here’s the really wacky part of today: I made chicky nuggets for the kids (mostly because I was pressed for time after that traffic, and partly because they requested it), and they gave me a hard time about eating it! Punks.

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Yeah, what IS up with the traffic? We’ve only been down there for a year, but I remember last summer’s commute as being MUCH easier. Sorry you had a rough morning – but, on the bright side, it gives you fodder for fabulous, inspired artwork. 🙂


I am impressed that you made it into work – a morning like that would have sent me straight back to bed!


OH, man, I remember mornings like that! Don’t you just love getting books like that in the mail? Especially ones that are special to you!
Hint on what to do about the lunch thief: Make an extra container of food and dump a lot of either Miralax or Benefiber in it. It’s odorless, tasteless and won’t thicken at all. Just have them running to the bathroom a lot and swearing off stealing anyone’s lunch. 😉


Ouch! Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon.

I’m with Krissa, make an extra special lunch for the thief, then monitor the restroom usage. 🙂


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