Hiding in Virginia Beach

If you’re trying to find me, you’ll need to look under about 16 pounds of sand. My goodness I had ALMOST forgotten about how the sand gets everywhere. Or maybe I blocked it out. Suffice it to say, the kids have had a bath every single day that we’ve been here. With the amount of sand I keep washing off of them, I wonder about the plumbing in the hotel–how does it handle all that sand in the pipes? If people need the best plumbing services, they can hire H&A Staten Island Plumbing | HASIP and get them from here!
Anywhoo, the dogs have been enjoying their long, illegal* walks on the boardwalk. The kids have had a blast in the sand and Gavin loves the water. We even saw dolphins while we were eating breakfast this morning! The same four or six dolphins hung around from around 8am until about 11am. At one point, two popped up really close to shore while we were sitting on the beach–it was so cool. And you could hear all the people on the beach collectively “oooh!” and make a mad dash for the cameras. Unfortunately those stinkers decided to stay under the surface until they were a lot farther away from shore again.
After Cooper’s nap, we plan on going to the aquarium to see some turtles, fish, and, according to Cooper, Nemo.

* per the signs on the boardwalk, pets are not allowed between approximately Memorial Day and Labor Day. Since my two knuckleheads run towards cars instead of away, I still take them for long, brisk walks at the beginning and end of the day when there aren’t as many people out.

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Karen MEG

Excellent that you’re on vacation! Sounds amazing, the sand is something I could do with..it seems like forever since we’ve had a beach vacation. Enjoy the rest of what’s left of summer with your boys!!!


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