So Where Was I?

Oh yeah, I was pregnant.

Correction. I still am. And largely so, it seems. According to Baby Center, I’m 18 weeks. I tend to lose track until I get that weekly update from them telling me what food item my baby now compares to: “your baby is now the size of a blueberry!”, “your baby is now the size of an apple!”, “your baby is now the size of an Eggo waffle!” Thankfully the nausea and most of the heartburn has abated, thanks to all the well-wishes. Or maybe all the snot from all the colds I’ve gotten recently. But I’m going with well-wishes being the reason I can look at or hear about food without gagging, and slapping a hand over my mouth to keep the fire contained.

And while I was sick with consecutive colds (and one that was nice enough to turn into a 2-week sinus infection ordeal), we visited with family for Thanksgiving and I got to see my sister-in-law who is two weeks ahead of me, gestationally, though you’d swear she was two months behind me. She had this cute little bump that looked only as if she ate a big dinner; meanwhile, I was unknowingly knocking over any child under 36 inches tall by bashing them in the skull with my belly.

Okay. There were a few times that I knowingly knocked a kid over with my belly. But he deserved it. And I still got away with it.

Since we only have nephews, one on my side, six on Justin’s side, it has now become the Unofficial Race for the First Girl. Okay, not really, since that will probably jinx both of us into having boys. Again. But still kinda fun since she is supposed to find out this week, and we’re scheduled to find out next week.

After that, we’ll have the Unofficial Race to the Biggest Baby, of which I think we’ll both want to lose.

And the Unofficial Race to Who Has Theirs First, since we’re only two weeks apart and I’ve already got the go-ahead for an induction a week early if I’m nowhere near labor and this kid ends up anywhere near the size that Gavin and Cooper were, and that when they did the first sonogram the baby measured small, so my original due date of May 19th was pushed to May 23rd. Which means next week’s “anatomy survey” sonogram will not only make sure this kids has all his/her parts, like a single skull, brain matter, internal organs, appropriate number of limbs, boy or girl parts, but also a better handle on the size and if it will impact my due date. Thereby, heretofore, and whatnot, that means that if my due date gets pushed back to the 19th, and I get induced a week early cuz this kid a behemoth, there’s a much larger chance our kids will be born within a few days of each other.

But it’s all unofficial, so it really doesn’t matter, right?

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Um, right?

You crack me up.

By the way, beware of those early ultrasounds in which you find out the gender: our younger son “was” a girl at that appointment 🙂


Congratulations on the lapse in morning sickness! What a funny post–I am 13 weeks and my sister in law is about 3 weeks behind me and we were talking last night about the Unofficial Race to the First Girl in our family (who only has three boys so far) as well as the Baby Center food comparisons! Best of luck to you both, and fingers crossed for a girl!


Oh yeah, I definitely hope I lose the big baby race! She’s measuring on the small side though (for now) so I may be in luck.


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