A Cavalier Attitude and Giveaway Results

Hey there. Sorry I’m late on the giveaway results. But I had a good reason: My little Chevy Cavalier got a flat tire on my way home to cook Justin’s birthday steak dinner last night…you know, cuz having a still-busted catalytic converter and a “check-engine” light on all the time wasn’t enough.

I was waiting in a very long line at a light when some guy in the car next to me starts yelling at me. And like the good city girl I am, I rolled my eyes and ignored him. Until he kept yelling, and honking, and scootching up closer to the car in front of him to better get in line with my front window. I sigh loudly, turn towards him and he says “hey, you’ve got a flat” and points at my rear passenger tire. I reply lamely, “really???” He nods the affirmative. I holler my thanks to him and start calling Justin to get him to pick up Cooper.

I felt really bad telling him about the tire because he answered the phone in a really nice, happy voice, and he sounded disappointed when I said I had a flat. While I had him on the phone, I could tell that I still had a little air in the tire (once traffic allowed me to move). No “wop-wop-wop” noise, so I rolled slowly on it because around the corner was a bunch of restaurants and a gas station. I’d rather be in a parking lot near lots of food than sitting on the shoulder of a 6-lane highway. As I made my turn, I heard the tell-tale noises and had my faith in the kindness of random strangers renewed (see “city girl” above).

I pull in the gas station, open my trunk, and start pulling items out so I can get to the spare and jack, all the while cursing the latest changes in the dress policy at work outlawing jeans. Then I found my savior:

So after arguing with Justin some more on the phone about the unknown, and seemingly, undocumented dangers of using Fix-a-Flat with nitrogen-inflated tires, I threw caution to the wind (after reading their caution three or four times), inflated my tire about 10-15 psi, and drove off into the sunset towards the closest Goodyear Tire & Automotive shop.

Left the car there, waited for my chariot to pick me up, and after noticing how late it was, opted to grab dinner nearby instead of hiking home 40+ minutes and still needing to make dinner.

We got home late, opened Justin’s gifts, put the kids to bed, then sacked-out on the couch, tired, exhausted, and annoyed at my tire (turned out it was a tiny sidewall puncture and required a new tire instead of just a patch…argh!). So in my attempts to cheer up and stay in good spirits for Justin’s birthday, I watched TV and chatted a bit with a few friends online while Justin did some work, and promptly forgot about the giveaway.

So now that you’re thoroughly bored, annoyed, and are all “come ON already!”…the winner of the $25 VISA giftcard is:

Cara from Cara Mama!

Yay! Congrats! Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!* Weeee!


Well, Cara, if you don’t mind emailing me your preferred mailing address, I will get your giftcard on its way to you. And even more exciting is that Cara is meeting me for breakfast at BlogHer-DC this coming Monday! Sooooo excited! Total win-win for her, eh? Er, uh…or win-win because we each win? hmmm…I think the wine is speaking.

And I know a few of you out there may be at BlogHer-DC as well…if so, feel free to join us for breakfast…we’d love to have you! Hmmm……I sure hope Cara doesn’t mind I invited my entire readership of possibly 60 people, which includes my family, my In-Laws, my cousins, two childhood friends, and at least one very evil troll. That leaves maybe 12 normal folks. And at least three have said they’re not coming to BlogHer, so…hmmmm…carry the one, uh, so potentially nine folks might show up, Cara. Hope that’s not too much. Oh, and maybe the troll, but last I heard, that person was still chained-up somewhere in the Chicagoland area.

And on that note, I think I’m going to sign off for the night. And find more wine.

* I just recently saw the movie “21” and have been DYING to say that phrase–it’s so fun!

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I’m just getting started with my new blog. Would you want to exchange links on our blog-rolls?

BTW – I’m up to about 100 visitors per day.


Congrats, Cara! And I’m sorry about the tire. I have to ask – were you gonna fix that thing yourself? Because I give you major props if so.


So sorry about the tired!

And wooooo hooooo!!! I can’t believe I’m the winner winner chicken dinner! I’ll send you an email shortly.

I’d love to meet any of your readers, friends, family, trolls for breakfast. You know me, the more the merrier!

Tranny Head

I love that you were rolling your eyes at the guy and he was just trying to help you out. That sounds like something I would do.



Oh no! That sucks so bad!
I have had that happen before (the creepy honker)except it was my gas cap that was gone. Yeah. I left it at the station.
Smart me!!!


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