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I Promise I Will Write About BlogHer!!!

Seriously I will. I wanted to on Sunday when I was sitting in the Sheraton’s little internet cafe waiting for my brother to pick me up, but I was too tired and too hungover. And the stupid Sheraton wouldn’t give me more than an hour for late check-out. Punks. I wanted to Sunday night while […]

Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 1

Last week Thursday we packed up the car and the kids and headed off to Chicago. After about six hours we stopped off at a hotel…for free, thanks to Justin’s hotel points from all his traveling. We ate dinner and went swimming, then I tried to bathe the kids. I say “tried” because when I […]

Here We Go Again

Early this morning Justin got up and left for another long trip in Alaska. Instead of nineteen days like last time, this one is seventeen. Somehow those two less days are supposed to make me feel better, according to him. But since I’ve still got a weird nervous tick leftover from his last trip, that […]

Banging My Head

And not while doing devil horns at 80’s hair band music. No. Just banging my head on any vaguely solid surface because my car wouldn’t start tonight when I tried to leave work. We suspect the starter, or maybe possibly the alternator. But we think the battery is alright since we’ve only had it since […]

Stuff: Random and Otherwise (aka Day 5)

You’ll have to excuse me for the truly exceptionally poor quality of posts I’ve been pumping out lately. I’m so tired that I’m lucky I can string together complete sentences. I have a clothes-basket full of clean, unfolded laundry that is piled precariously up to about waist-height. I had to bribe Gavin to get him […]