Banging My Head

And not while doing devil horns at 80’s hair band music.

No. Just banging my head on any vaguely solid surface because my car wouldn’t start tonight when I tried to leave work. We suspect the starter, or maybe possibly the alternator. But we think the battery is alright since we’ve only had it since 4/4/07 (I know this date only because it’s the same day that our friend’s son, Peyton, was born). That was when we replaced the water pump and the timing kit.

And I seriously had a half-decent funny (to me) post ready in my head. I was all ready to post it tonight until this mess started. Or you could just laugh at this post. Lord knows I’ve been laughing my butt off at this (I just won’t mention how the laughter has alternated with crying and drinking cheap wine).

So I call Justin and ask him to come either jump my car or retrieve me cuz all the of my co-workers that I actually know had already left for the day. Unfortunately, at 5:30pm the traffic between Justin’s office and mine, is demonic. Like 45-minutes-to-drive-7-miles-demonic.

I call my friend Kari and leave a message begging her to get my kids from daycare (she lives about 1 mile or less from the school and she has a lot of car seats). She calls me back and is all over it. She even got there before 6:30 so I didn’t get charged late fees. And she fed my kids. Kari…you freakin’ rock! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Justin and I tried jumping my car but all we got was a really loud version of somone running a stick across fence slats. The wind was so bad that I thought for sure my hood would come slamming down across the jumper cables, so I stood there in the wind holding onto the darn thing, hoping I didn’t get a thousand-volt shock when Justin started my car (okay, I’m sure car batteries are only a few hundred volts, but I’m sure anything above 120v feels like a thousand).

Once we got to Dave and Kari’s house, we all marveled at Cooper’s man-sized appetite (6-7 chicken nuggets, apple slices, fries, milk, and kept looking for more nuggets), and then Justin took the boys home while I left with Kari for our girl’s night out (a previously scheduled engagement). I had considered not going out due to the sheer panic of paying for yet another ridiculously expensive car repair, coupled with a towing bill to get it somewhere other than my employer’s parking lot, but Justin insisted and I’m very glad that I went.

Besides Kari and I, Andrea came, as well as two more of Kari’s friends. It was a lot of fun to get out just for a couple hours, chatting and laughing, eating and drinking. I would’ve loved to sit there for at least another hour with everyone but they were tearing the place down to clean, and I had to work this evening.

So now that I’ve been fed good food, drank good wine, and had a fabulous time with good company, I’m going to go to bed and hopefully find that funny post that was in my head just prior to 5:30pm this evening.

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Oh no! You were right to go to girl’s night. You needed, NAY, deserved it!
Hope the car gets to working fast, and cheap.
Yes, friends who can pick up your kids in a pinch are the best.


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