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Answered Prayers

There’s no other way to describe it. As I sat freezing in my car Thursday night, waiting for Justin to get through all that rotten traffic to pick me up, I started taking a mental inventory of our finances and the car. I felt the panic rising in my throat, I started shaking uncontrollably, and […]

Banging My Head

And not while doing devil horns at 80’s hair band music. No. Just banging my head on any vaguely solid surface because my car wouldn’t start tonight when I tried to leave work. We suspect the starter, or maybe possibly the alternator. But we think the battery is alright since we’ve only had it since […]

Day 18, Where I Blow Up My Vehicles

At the time of this post, just slightly over 24 hours left till Justin comes home. After dropping the kids off at school (yay! another good drop-off!), I ran over to my insurance estimate office to get a written estimate on the damage to the truck. On my way home, I swung by the body […]

She Made It!

I never thought she would live to see 100,000 miles! That poor 2001 Chevy Cavalier of mine made it 100,000 miles, despite my grumblings, despite the warning from some mechanics, despite have several major (read: expensive!) operations, like the water pump, timing kit, body control module, replacing ignition coils, and not to mention all the […]

A Cavalier Attitude and Giveaway Results

Hey there. Sorry I’m late on the giveaway results. But I had a good reason: My little Chevy Cavalier got a flat tire on my way home to cook Justin’s birthday steak dinner last night…you know, cuz having a still-busted catalytic converter and a “check-engine” light on all the time wasn’t enough. I was waiting […]