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Someone is a Moron

and that someone would be me. Thankfully all of you lovely readers are nice enough to not point out to me yesterday that my title indicated that there might be updates and/or addendums. And really, there weren’t any. But I had every intention, but was dumb and hit “Publish” instead of “Save” and ran out […]

Updates and Addendums

Cooper came home yesterday with a low-grade fever. He seemed alright, if a little fussy. His cold seemed to have taken a turn for the worse because he was coughing more, his nose was running more, and he had goop coming from his eyes. Not pretty. Around 3am-ish, he got up crying and was sitting […]

Let’s Play “What’s that Smell?”

Yes, kids, it’s time again for that fun, fantastic, fanciful game of “What’s that Smell?”  where we give you an odor and you get to guess what it is!  Here’s the first scenario: We’re sitting in traffic in Colleen’s little 2001 2.4 liter Cavalier, complete with a sporty spoiler (read:  MILF-mobile).  You detect a strange […]

bad little ignition coils

Yep…it was the ignition coils located within the ignition housing in-between the two sets of spark plugs.  There was electricity arching between the coils causing a short, which caused the misfires on plugs 1 and 3.  When our garage guy, Brendan, was showing us (with my old coils and housing) what was going on, it […]

Anyone want a really cheap cavalier?

Hey, it’s a great little car…when it runs!!! Friday night, I pick up the kids from daycare and pick-up Justin from our house so that we can go pick up his truck from the shop.  He had a bunch of well-needed maintenance work done and the shop we go to are great about letting us […]