Let’s Play “What’s that Smell?”

Yes, kids, it’s time again for that fun, fantastic, fanciful game of “What’s that Smell?”  where we give you an odor and you get to guess what it is!  Here’s the first scenario:

We’re sitting in traffic in Colleen’s little 2001 2.4 liter Cavalier, complete with a sporty spoiler (read:  MILF-mobile).  You detect a strange scent…is it:

  1. a wayward sippy cup that has been wedged partially under the front passenger seat since Mid-December with a half-ounce of unidentifiable contents
  2. Cooper’s diaper
  3. Colleen’s cavalier burning oil like a 1970 Buick Skylark
  4. Gavin’s butt after Taco Night
  5. old formula puke on Cooper’s carseat, or
  6. all of the above

And the answer is…anyone?  anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?…yes, you in the back with your hand up, jumping up and down saying “oooh!  oooh!  oooh!”   Yes, #3 is correct!  Colleen’s car is now burning oil and stinking up the place.  Although for those of you playing at home, the judges will also take #2 (have we discussed that this child poops a minimum of 3 times per day?) or even #6, since well, most of you realize that anyone who spends 3 hours a day in the car will have all sorts of scents.  According to our garage, though, there’s not much I can do about my car stinking since it’s 7 years old and up around 93K miles on it…it’s just getting old and leaky.  What bothers me is that it wasn’t getting old and leaky prior to my 90K mile check-up a few weeks ago (where they also did a transmission flush).  Man is that smell annoying and acrid and makes me wonder about the affects it might have on us (particularly the kids) since we sit in the car for so long each day.  I mean, I don’t have smoke billowing out and they stated my car was safe (nothing actually leaking onto the exhaust or any fire hazards), but I still wonder.  Anyone have any words of wisdom?

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Dude, we have a vintage 1992 Cavalier that runs like a top and has all it’s original parts. The thing is the biggest blessing we’ve ever had. I can’t believe you’re having trouble after only 7 years. Just ask Burgh – she looks like a beast but she’s a good girl. (The car, not Burgh.)


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