Jewelry Sale, Specials for April & May

I know most ladies get excited about bloggy bling…the following article is about actual bling!  Just wanted to make everyone aware of the current Cookie Lee Jewelry Specials:

(click to enlarge and see the pretty jewelry)

Cookie Lee April 08 SpecialCookie Lee May 08 Special

Basically, as a customer, if you spend $50 or more on jewelry, you are eligible to purchase either of the Customer Special items at a deep discount; if you are a hostess (for home, office, or catalog party) and your party sales add up to $200 or more, you are eligible to purchase either of the Hostess Specials.  They are usually deeper discounts, and you can get the Customer Specials, too, if you so choose.

LaCkore LaCkore has the best collections of fine fashion jewelry, great for work, church, going to lunch with the girls, whatever!  Don’t forget, Mother’s Day and Graduation are coming up.  Anyone who places an order before midnight (local time) on Saturday night will also get 25% off of their most expensive item; or book a party and get 50% off of your most expensive item!  To take advantage of this, check out the virtual catalog on my webpage (it’s on the lower left-hand corner), and then email me at [email protected] with your order and/or preferred party dates.  I charge 5% Virginia tax, and shipping starts at $3.  I take PayPal, credit card, check, and, if you’re local, cash.

There’s also a lifetime guarantee on the jewelry, so if it should ever break (whether from use or from a manufacturer’s defect), contact me and I’ll take care of it.

Thanks for looking…I can’t wait to bling up your life!

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Burgh Baby's Mom

Pretty! And hey! You’re only the third person who has tried to bling up my life this week! That’s actually pretty good, considering how many of my husband’s friend’s wives sell jewelry.

I need some money to fall out of the sky so I can buy something. Still waiting.

Still waiting.


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