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Week 32 and Counting

Some things I feel the need to get off my chest. Or belly, since most stuff falls off, or completely bypasses my chest, only to land on my belly. I had all these huge plans to better document this pregnancy. For one, this is the first pregnancy where I had a blog, as opposed to […]


I’ve got some stuff to share real quick: Tuesday (7th) is Justin’s birthday. I wanted to make sure it was out there so that you can all razz him about getting older. I mean, come on, this guy remembers watching “The Million-Dollar Man”. I remember catching a few reruns on channels that specialize in replaying […]

Winners and Other Housekeeping

After 138 comments (holy cow, people!¬† I’m not sure I’ve ever got that much in all my other posts combined), sorting the comments by Silver or Gold, and running a random generator¬†I finally got the winners… The winner of the gold set of jewelry is Audra Marie from A Dash of Sassitude!!! The winner of […]

A Little Bloggy Giveaway

I know I just had a jewelry sale last week, but after LaskiGal From the Cheap Seats gave me the heads-up to this Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, I just had to do it! In fact, I’m going to get really crazy! I’m not going to give away just one set of jewelry, but TWO SETS OF […]

Jewelry Sale, Specials for April & May

I know most ladies get excited about bloggy bling…the following article is about actual bling!  Just wanted to make everyone aware of the current Cookie Lee Jewelry Specials: (click to enlarge and see the pretty jewelry) Basically, as a customer, if you spend $50 or more on jewelry, you are eligible to purchase either of […]