Big Thursday, Lame Friday

So yesterday (er, Thursday) was pretty exciting, huh?  I mean, I belatedly announced my jewelry sale, my neighbor’s house caught on fire, we are not going to mention the Caps game, and my cousin finally threatened her OB with an IV pole and he induced her third baby nearly a week late(bastard!).  That girl was so ready to have that baby (although she wasn’t having any contractions) that they hooked up her pitocin about 9 or 9:30am and she had little Meghan about 1:20pm.  FOUR-HOUR INDUCTION, PEOPLE!  Awesome…she kills my record of 7 hours…although we’ll see what happens if I ever have a third baby.

Today, however, was very quiet.  We even went to Picklebob’s for ice cream, expecting it to be crazy crowded since it hit about 88 degrees this afternoon.  There was no one in line!  Costco was relatively deserted, too.  Where were all the people?  I mean, the Pope left early this a.m. so I know all the Pope’s fans are back to their every-day lives again.  Oh well.   Go shop for some jewelry…and many many many thanks to those of you who already have!

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