Shopping Addictions and Thank Yous

I’ve been VERY negligent in acknowledging the cute bloggy bling that Karen from The Rocking Pony gave me a few weeks ago.  Just got busy with the trip and sick kids and, well, you know how time seems to slip away from you.  So a big overdue thank you to Karen for bestowing this lovely award on me.

I would like to share this lovely award with Law School Hot Mama, LL over at Lag Liv,and LaskiGal at The Cheap Seats…we all have little boys born within a few days and/or weeks of each other and it’s fun to watch each little (or big, in Sumo Baby’s case) boy go through different milestones, and I was kind of curious which of the 4 boys would sleep consistently through the night first (uh, Cooper did…not bragging, though).  Since I got this award about the same time Cooper started sleeping through the night, I figured I’d see if it would help those gals as well. 😉  Actually, while I’m at it, I might as well see if the luck rubs off for Precarious Tomato since her little girl, Cherry, hasn’t exactly been letting mom and dad sleep regularly, although she is a bit younger than the boys–it’s never too early to sleep a good 6-hours straight.

I also got a really cool sparkly bloggly bling from Madame Queen:

Now I’m starting to suspect that she’s not only the Queen, but maybe also a bit of a psychic because she somehow knew that I am a Princess and prance around in a tiara everyday weeklyon occasion:


This was a couple days ago, while home with a sick Cooper.  I also like to wear it while cleaning toilets and cleaning up cat hairballs.

I’d like to pass this lovely tiara award along to Burgh Baby’s Mom, Flea, and to Karen,so that they each can tap into their inner-princess since we all need that once in a while (or a lotta while).


Onto other business.  I need to put out some mean props to Karen.  I keep buying stuff at her store because she makes really really really nice products for kids.  In fact, I added her Etsy store to my Business Blogroll so that all of you could buy more stuff so that maybe she’ll have less to tempt me and my PayPal account. 🙂  But seriously, I bought shirts for both my kids; for our friend’s daughter, Ainsley; for our other friend’s son, Peyton; for both my godchildren (they uh, haven’t received them yet since my cousin STILL has not released that infant hiding in her womb); I got something for that baby, once s/he makes their debut; I got something for a friend that just had a baby girl; I got stuff for my sister-in-law, who’s expecting a baby in about a month (I snapped it up way early so that I didn’t miss out on the items cuz I’m a freak that way); and I got myself a cute headband.  So I have an addiction…but at least it seems well appreciated:

and you can see I still can’t control my camera rotation…thanks to Justin for doing a little bit of editing

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Law Student Hot Mama

SWEEEEEEET! I got an AWARD!!! Thanks man! And hell, nobody wants a good sleeper more than I do. *sigh* I think he’s cutting his top two teeth which isn’t helping Sumo out any.

Also, I think I have to design my own “Tranny Head Award” for myself. I think it would be awesome.


Aaaawwww! Thank you! How’d you know I needed a tiara? I DO! I DO! I’m putting it on RIGHT NOW.


I LOVE Etsy! I’m going to check out her stuff. And girl you get done up for cleaning! ha! 🙂


Yay for your awards and so humbled to accept one of my very own–thank you bunches!

The boys are so cute–what a perfect commercial for The Rocking Pony!

J is growing too, too fast for me. He needs to stop . . . now. But he won’t listen . . .

Burgh Baby's Mom

Congrats on the awards! You look SMASHING in your tiara. Thanks for passing it to me!

BTW, I love how Justin didn’t edit out the last few seconds of the video where you turned the camera sideways. Seriously–that was my favorite part!


You got bloggy bling-and shared it with me! Thanks so much. And the shout-out deserves an award in and of itself. You’re a dear. Thanks.


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