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I Heart You

I swear I have some of the best bloggy friends in the whole world. You guys are so sweet and so supportive (again). And frankly, in a really twisted way, it makes me feel a lot better that so many of you get the ridiculously overwhelmed feeling, too. Some days? This motherhood thing seems overrated. […]

More Housekeeping Than You Can Shake a Stick At

In preparation of friends and family coming into town and filling my house with fun and excitement in honor of Cooper’s 1st birthday on the 12th, we have been cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning some more. And no, our house is still not all that clean because well, we’ve cleaned it like twice since Cooper […]

Someone is a Moron

and that someone would be me. Thankfully all of you lovely readers are nice enough to not point out to me yesterday that my title indicated that there might be updates and/or addendums. And really, there weren’t any. But I had every intention, but was dumb and hit “Publish” instead of “Save” and ran out […]

Shopping Addictions and Thank Yous

I’ve been VERY negligent in acknowledging the cute bloggy bling that Karen from The Rocking Pony gave me a few weeks ago.  Just got busy with the trip and sick kids and, well, you know how time seems to slip away from you.  So a big overdue thank you to Karen for bestowing this lovely […]

I Deserve an Award

Justin is sick (read:  being a big whiny baby), and has left me with two hungry (read: grouchy) young boys.  After feeding Cooper a fantastic Beechnut Good Evening Creamy Chicken Noodle Dinner, I have gone above and beyond the normal demands of motherhood to procure a highly palatable and nutritious meal for Gavin and I: […]