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In preparation of friends and family coming into town and filling my house with fun and excitement in honor of Cooper’s 1st birthday on the 12th, we have been cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning some more. And no, our house is still not all that clean because well, we’ve cleaned it like twice since Cooper was born. I might be exaggerating, but not by much.

Justin did some vacuuming and mopping; I’ve been tackling the bathrooms and the never-ending-piles-o-laundry (and really, WTH…every time I go to Target to pick up some more laundry supplies, they’ve stopped carrying whatever I’ve last bought AND they’ve rearranged the whole dang laundry aisle); we’ve been tag-teaming for dishes, toys, and general clutter (I admit, I am a clutter-monster and a pack-rat). So at least we’re getting somewhere so that come this weekend, we just need to do a few good wipe-downs of things and run the vacuum. Or so we hope. We’ll see how things go with weekend.
In other housekeeping news, Karen over at The Rocking Pony gave me this and I am tickled pink! I swear, she is one of the sweetest people I know.

I would like to pass it along to

I realized that due to Justin’s incredibly heavy work schedule in the past few weeks and my idiocy, we never updated you guys on the final say in Gavin’s Child Find testing, etc. The final decision was that he is about 6 months behind for Receptive Language (what he hears and understands), and about 11 or 12 months behind for Expressive Language (what says, his vocabulary, how easily is he understood by strangers). In other words his auditory processing is on par with that of a 3-1/2 year old boy and he speaks like a 3-year old. This has certainly explained a lot of our frustration in communicating with Gavin, and explains why when we ask him a question he sometimes gives us an answer that just isn’t quite right. Add in his stuttering, and it’s downright aggravating for all of us because he’s annoyed he can’t get his words out or get his point across or can’t understand why we keep asking him the same dang thing over and over. And for us…we just have a hard time seeing our child struggle, or hear his classmates speak so much better (or worse, hear children a year or younger have what seems to be better speaking and comprehension skills).

So thankfully we will have our IEP and will be starting services the first week of September. Three hours of therapy per month…well, technically in 3 weeks. The fourth week of the month is set aside for any additional help if needed or meeting with the teacher for in-depth discussions, etc. The neat thing is that it is going to be at the elementary school that he will be going to in Fall ’09, so by the time he starts kindergarten he will be King of the Classroom and will know the school well.

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Tranny Head

I’m glad that Gavin has been diagnosed and you can move on to the treatment phase – that’s great! And it DOES explain some of the shyness . . . I mean . . . wouldn’t you feel intimidated if you couldn’t necessarily understand what people were saying to you? Anyway, glad he’s getting the help he needs!

Also – you’re way more ambitious with Cooper’s first than I am with Sumo’s. I think we’re meeting some friends of ours at the local Red Robin . . . though on the day after his birthday I think we’re having a two of his baby buddies over. Yes – only two – because well . . . my house can hardly hold one baby and one parent . . . . much less the extra babies and extra parents. *sigh*

Madame Queen

Yeah, when we clean our house will stay clean for approximately 1.5 hours. Then it’s back to messy. I sort of start to feel like Sisyphus.

so glad Gavin is getting started with his therapy. I believe it will make a world of difference — it sure did with my nephew.


I hate to clean. Only because as soon as I do it seems like someone messed it up again!
Glad that you have an answer for Gavin. Can I ask you what made you decide to test him? Yes I am THAT parent that worries all of the time that I may be missing something.
I’m a freak.

Tootsie Farklepants

Send the family to a hotel and have the party at Chuck E. Cheese! ๐Ÿ™‚

And to ease your worry, my brother stuttered when he was a child and with speech therapy, he overcame it.


WOW, thanks for the award! That was a fun surprise!
The earlier you get speech help the better! Good for you for attacking it head on!
And, yeah, we are having company next week and I have started the cleaning crazies. I think I have company every so often just to make myself do a really good cleaning!


I’m glad you got a diagnoses and are starting treatments. It always makes me feel better to find out the reasons why and what the next steps are.

Good luck with cleaning and the party!


SO GLAD Gavin has a diagnosis. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it reminds me of an Emo Phillips sketch:
“My brother says hello. So HOORAY for speech therapy!”

Getting help early is great. He’s going to do well. I love that my Little Guy has an IEP and no one (peers) seems to know or care.

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