I Deserve an Award

Justin is sick (read:  being a big whiny baby), and has left me with two hungry (read: grouchy) young boys.  After feeding Cooper a fantastic Beechnut Good Evening Creamy Chicken Noodle Dinner, I have gone above and beyond the normal demands of motherhood to procure a highly palatable and nutritious meal for Gavin and I:


I carefully prepared it to ensure it was cooked properly,


I then tastefully and artfully arranged our meal on lovely plates.


Yeah, yeah, I know.  I totally made up for it by putting my kids in matching Carter’s Crocodile jammies.  See how cute?  Best part is that they retail for $24, saw them marked down at regular stores for $14.something, but found them (and a crapload more of Carter’s 3-pc jammies and other Carter’s stuff) at Costco for $8.something!!!!



Now, feel free to hand over fantastic mothering awards…

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Burgh Baby's Mom

I thought you were going to write that you cooked lunch for Mr. Whiny and was preparing to slap you through my computer. You’re not allowed to make me look like a bad wife, you know. I’m not bothered, however, by how you have managed to make me look like a bad Mother. Alexis only dreams of meals that packed with nutrition!


I’ll hand you one 🙂

And I just bought that exact PJ set for Landon! It just cracked me up.


BBM–I learned my lesson to just generally avoid Justin when he’s sick–let him wallow in his own germiness.
LL and Hot Mama–I say we stick all our boys in their matching jammies at the same time! LOL! Cooper didn’t really need any (since he’s got all of Gavin’s hand-me-downs), but Gavin also got the ones with the crab on the front and the frog on the front. Nice to get good, durable clothes that will make it to Cooper in a few years.


Those Taquitos look awesome. My won’t eat meat…unless I hide it in something else…thanks for the idea! The Pjs are too cute..adorable!


Looks like the supper I fed the kids last night. Only substitute pierogies for the taquitos.

Lovin’ the boys and their too-cute PJs.

Madame Queen

Ooh, I love those taquito things. We always get those when we watch football. Mmm…now I’m craving them. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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