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Cooper came home yesterday with a low-grade fever. He seemed alright, if a little fussy. His cold seemed to have taken a turn for the worse because he was coughing more, his nose was running more, and he had goop coming from his eyes. Not pretty.

Around 3am-ish, he got up crying and was sitting up in his crib when I walked in, so I knew he was gonna be up a while. Thankfully he calmed down right away, though he did not go back to sleep quickly. I rocked him for about a half hour and wrapped him up tight in one of his blankets to keep him warm since he still seemed to have the fever (too tired to fight him to check his temp…he was warm but not blazing enough to cause alarm). In the morning I heard him talking in his bed, Justin gave him his cup of milk and told me while I was still half asleep that Cooper had lost of poop in his eye. What? I asked Justin alarmed, “he had poop in his eye?” Now it was Justin’s turn to look alarmed, then corrected my groggy hearing, “no, he had GOOP in his eyes”. Not much better, but at least goop is less smelly than poop. I mean, I remember reading horror stories of people’s children figuring out how to take off their diapers and playing in their poop. That alone makes me consider using duct tape on diapers.

So I get up and get ready for work. I get Cooper and he feels warm still. Take his temp and it’s 100 degrees. Not high, but at 8am, it could really only go up. Argh! I call and leave a message for my boss and jump in the car to run up to the office to pick up my laptop (cuz dude! if daycare had called me when they took his temp yesterday, I would’ve brought it home. Yoiu know, so that Cooper wouldn’t be sick). While in the car I call the pediatrician to get an appointment, wondering if this is going to be another one of those visits where they proclaim it a mere cold, stamp his butt with “fine, grade A Baby”, and take my co-pay. But I figure better safe than sorry since I’m suffering from a sinus infection (brought on by a cold) and hey, since I failed with the laptop, I’d better try my other “insurance”.

When I’m about 25 miles into my 30 mile trip to work, my check engine light goes on. NO EFFING WAY!!! Yeah, I try to keep it clean, but folks, I got ticked. Thankfully it seemed to be running alright, no weird noises, no chugging or rough-running, no smoke, and no visible demons flying out of the engine compartment. I call Justin all mad and annoyed but continue on to work. I get there, greet my officemates, grab my laptop, and head back to the pediatrician’s office.

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have to wait very long, which was nice (and what sucked me into going there in the first place!). Coop’s temp was down to about 99 (but I had him lightly dressed and the AC on full blast), and his lungs were clear. However, his left ear is infected, his right one has a lot of fluid behind it, and he’s got a ton o’ mucous running down his throat (hey, sounds like my diagnosis on Tuesday!). Cooper only cried when she was checking his ears…and understandable since they probably hurt.

Off we went to The Best Target in the World with Rx in hand. Considering how tired and miserable he was probably feeling, Cooper was good while we walked around waiting for his antibiotics. Twenty minutes later we were home. I stuffed some lunch and strawberry gunk antibiotics in him, and layed him down for his nap.

So I got some work stuff done and I searched for “dang car” with little luck. Justin’s on his way home early so that I can bring my car to the shop to figure out it’s main malfunction. Or to see if it just missed the shop, because it’s been a good 8 or 9 weeks since the last time it was there!!! Wish me luck. Or wish me a newish car. Or wish me a good tornado to pick that bad-boy up and rid me of it.

In other news, don’t forget that the fundraiser and silent auction end at 11:59pm tomorrow (Friday)…so go put in your bids or email me your jewelry orders! And thanks to all of you who have helped out so far…I appreciate it so much.

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You poor babies. My check engine light came on a few weeks ago. Mechanic said I didn’t have to panic till it started blinking. Needed a tune up. Hope yours is something simple and cheap. 🙂


Oh know poor little guy! (and his poor parents).

I just got your gift today, thank you SO much. That was so sweet and will definitely be an important part of my bar exam preparation 🙂

Tranny Head

My son got a super speedy grab in once during a poopy diaper change … let’s just say there was almost a chocolate milk ‘stache. Thankfully I was able to intervene in time.


That being said, I hope Cooper feels better … the pink crap usually starts working after about 24 hours.

Madame Queen

Poor Coop! I love your “insurance.” Why is it that when you take them to the doctor they immediately start acting better and don’t cough or sneeze or do anything while they’re there? I’m ashamed to say that it almost makes me feel better when the doctor says they ARE sick because them I’m like, “I knew it! I’m not just a paranoid mom!”


Sickness and car problems. Sounds like a fun day.

I hope he’s feeling better and that the car is okay.


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