In Which I am Grateful for Antibiotics and Ibuprofen

Cooper’s ear infection from last month never truly cleared up…being in daycare meant that while his immune system was fighting the ear infection, it was also beating off the plethora of nasty germs coming from the other filthy toddlers in Coop’s class. So we’re on a different type of antibiotic…one that may only add to the diarrhea he is already experiencing. And in the few days between Cooper’s 1-yr check-up on Monday, and when I brought him in Saturday morning, his bottom gumline has started to whiten and we are now suspecting some teeth soon! Which probably accounts for the diarrhea (cuz really, it’s only loose stools at his normal pooping times…yes, my kid’s regular poop schedule still means he goes 2-3 times a day). And the runny nose he had when I picked him up Friday evening. But needless to say, this poor child is a bit uncomfortable.

Last night we had a slight lapse between pain killers…where one wore off a little sooner than planned and the dose given at bedtime hadn’t yet kicked in. I put Cooper to bed at 7:45pm and he cried and cried and cried. When I went in his room, he wasn’t sitting or standing up in his crib, wanting to be picked up like he is when he’s just mad about going to bed. Instead, he was laying there on his belly just crying piteously.

I gave him some homeopathic earache drops (go in the mouth under the tongue) and rocked him for over a half-hour…the first fifteen minutes of it he cried nonstop. I just kept rocking him and singing to him until he finally calmed down…then rocked a little longer just to make sure he wouldn’t get bent out of shape if I set him down right away.

Thankfully he slept well…not thrashing around restlessly like he had been for the past several nights. And this morning? He got up in a great mood and resumed surfing…this time with a couple of granola bars.

And turns out Gavin had a fantastic time at Justin’s company party. He even came home with a little balloon animal. I was surprised that he had it since Justin (yes, Justin) is afraid of clowns, but I guess the balloon-animal guy wasn’t a clown, so Gavin was able to get this fun little guy (who also doubles as a wrist corsage):

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swirl girl

He doesn’t look any worse for wear. How ’bout you? I also think it is so funny that boys ‘surf’ their granola bars and little girls would make them dance like princesses or something totally girly.

Love the balloon corsage. How long did it last before it went ‘Pop!’

Madame Queen

I hope Cooper’s feeling better soon. Punkin was on Augmentin last year and it gave her terrible diarrhea. Supposedly that one’s really rough on the tummy.


Poor Cooper…Hope he is feeling better soon.

Can I ask what those eardrops are? Unfortunetly Morgan gets ear infections all too often, in fact I too was at the doctor this weekend due to an old ear infection that didn’t clear up…our kids have a little bit too much in common!


Poor kiddo! what is he on? We put Bean on Zithromax and lo and behold no more diarrea!!! WOOHOO!


Poor Cooper! I’m glad to see him getting around so well though! LOL! I hope this dose of antibiotics gets the job done.


There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of clowns! Have you seen the movie IT? 🙂 Hope everyone continues to feel better.


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