Doody Calls

This is what I found on my bed the other morning:

Yeah, I thought the same thing as you…who the heck pooped on my freshly washed sheets??? As I got closer I was starting to realize what it truly was:

and thank the good Lord above, it wasn’t poop.

Instead, it used to be this guy:

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Jenni would have had me convinced it was poop, and then laugh her butt off if I fell for it… Which NEVER happens, riiigggghhhht. 🙂


Actually, it looks less like poop and more like something that should still be attached to his owner.


So glad it’s not poop! Cause who would you blame? Child? Animal? Justin? hehe.

Too bad it wasn’t a Baby Ruth!

G's Momma

Thanks for the laugh! I was very convinced that somehow you had poop on your bed.

BTW, our blog title and tag line crack me up.


Oh Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!! Totally looks like a part of my husband that will be missing soon.


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