And the Saga Continues

Just in case we have not had enough fun around here, Cooper thought of the stellar idea to rash things up a bit. And I’m not talking your basic diaper rash from on-going diarrhea (which he DOESN’T have, thank goodness). No, I’m talking about a nice bright pink maculopapular rash! Go ahead, check the link. I promise it’s not too gross or anything. I’ll wait.

Back? Okay.

So he’s got this rash, and while I was 99% certain it wasn’t serious, I was 100% certain they boot me out of daycare with the biggest foot they could find if I walked in with that child looking like that.

What do you mean, “like what?”…go back up and look at the dang link. Sheesh!

Soooooo….Justin’s home with him today again and Cooper otherwise seems fine. No fever, better appetite, less diarrhea, more mobility, and better mood. Just to be sure, I made the rounds with my mom, the nurse; the nurse at the pediatrician’s office; Mr. Google and My Friend Wiki; and finally got to speak to the pediatrician. Seems that it’s just a harmless rash that some kids get in response to something in the liquid suspension of the antibiotic…that it’s not indicative of a reaction to the medication itself. So I got her blessing to continue the augmentin (and just keep an eye out that he doesn’t have any severe symptoms, like breathing issues), to continue the florastor (that stuff is GOLD, baby!…two doses and no diarrhea!), and she faxed me a note to tape to his forehead when I bring him back to daycare tomorrow.

I did neglect to ask the doctor, however, if beef-basted dog biscuits might cause a rash…

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I so didn’t trust you the first time you said to go look at the link. I was one of the foolish few who dared look at the horrendous rashes you linked to that other time. After your second nudge to look, I figured it had to be okay and it wasn’t too bad. Justin’s picture of him with the rash makes me feel so bad for poor Cooper though – the kid can’t catch a break (nor can you two).


See? I told you it wasn’t too bad! I don’t lie.

I think the pic Justin provided was worse than the links.


You know my kids got a rash from eating dog biscuits once… okay, maybe not. But Danny had this weird fever thing, followed by throwing up (he practically does this on command), and a runny nose. Then he got hives. The Dr. said it was something that was going around, lovely.

Maggie got it next – and now (almost like I wished it upon myself) I have a cold. Yea! I just LOVE summer colds. I hope it’s better for the Cubs/Cardinals game on Friday, because if I can’t go, nobody can go. 🙂

Jenni won’t allow the kids to wander around Wrigley Field by themselves – she’s such a party pooper.

Tranny Head

Poor kiddo! As I’m just now beginning to read some blogs, I’m way behind on this but it sounds like he’s had a rough go of it for a while.

But dog biscuits are hawt.


UGH I hate those crazy rashes! Our ped must think we rub unknown stuff on the kids just to get a reaction, so many times have we gone through this. Hope it clears up soon. And um, keep him away from the basted dog buscuits 🙂


Bean did that. It was an allergic reation to Suprax. FReked me out bad.
Poor kiddo. And THANKS! I got my gift card!!!


That looks like roseola – has he had that before? Of course, it could also be a reaction to the dog biscuits. Our kids never had one though so they might be cleared.


My Little Guy got a rash like that from antibiotics this winter. Got a call from the nurse that scared the crap out of me. Already when I saw the school calling, I knew it wasn’t good. We talked and talked and I thought he had some kind of flesh eating bacteria before she said, “Wait – is he one any medications?” It’s really not a big deal. Just scary.


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