The Ear Infection That Would Not Die, Part 3

Justin took Cooper in this morning for another round of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ear-tugging, and not-eating-anything. This child started getting sick on Saturday, and when I saw him tugging on his ear four days after finishing the second round of antibiotics for his ear infection, I got concerned, then annoyed.

The concern is obvious: I don’t want my baby to be sick. I don’t want another round of antibiotics that will make his long-suffering diarrhea worse. I don’t want him not eating. The eating might seem trivial to some of you, but unless you have a 12-month old that eats nearly as much as you, you probably don’t understand the anxiety of trying to get this human garbage disposal to eat more than half a yogurt and one waffle the entire day. Plus, he needs food to help buffer his stomach against the ever-increasing strength of antibiotics he’s had to endure.

The annoyance is that I almost feel like it didn’t get the correct treatment the second time around if he’s sick only a few days after finishing the medication. Or that maybe they should reconsider their stance on giving young children decongestants and/or anti-histimines like Benedryl. Those decongestants and anti-histimines not only drain/dry up the snot, but also help do the same with fluids in the eustachian tubes, where most middle ear-infections originate. Any time I had an ear infection, even one not related to a cold, my mom gave me a decongestant and/or anti-histimine to help drain my ears.

I’m also annoyed because I can’t figure out how his first-ever ear infection turns into this Ear Infection That Would Not Die! I will agree that the cold that originally caused the ear infection was a nasty one. I had it the same time as he and it developed into a sinus infection; Justin had it and was miserable for a while; Gavin still has the lingering cough from it from over 3 weeks ago. I also understand that the 10-day stint of basic amoxicillin might not have been enough to clear up the infection when he’s in daycare and fighting off other germs in addition to the infection raging in his own body.

What I am a little annoyed about as well, is before the 2nd round was fully identified, he had his 12-month check-up and was cleared for his regularly scheduled vaccines (MMR, Varicella, and Prevnar), which do tax the immune system as well (as they should). I kinda wish I would’ve gone with my gut and asked that we post-pone those vaccines (or at least one or two of them) until his 15-month check-up. Makes me think that maybe his body might’ve been able to more fully fight the ear infection with the help of the cefoprox if he wasn’t also “in training” to fight other potential illnesses. But woulda, coulda, shoulda, right?

So instead I will keep my fingers crossed and prayers going that this third round of antibiotics (the almighty augmentin), along with hefty doses of Florastor to fight this antibiotic-induced diarrhea, that he will be right as rain and eating again.

All three are saying grace over the treats they are about to receive.

Taste-testing to ensure quality before passing off to the dogs.

Total enjoyment after giving the dogs their fair share.

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Did you ask the doc to try Zithromax? Augmentin did not work for us so we switched.
And is Cooper eating a dog biscuit? EWWWWW! LOL


Oh yuck. I’m sorry he’s been sick for so long on and off! Sick babies are no fun.

Hopefully the augmentin will do it. When Zach used to get strep all the time (before he had his tonsils removed) augmentin was the only thing that worked.

Good luck! Hoping he feels better soon.


OMG, Poor little Cooper…I am so sorry you are dealing with this…ear infections suck, specially the ones that won’t go away. I hope the Augmentin does the trick this time…


I hate it when th elittle guys/girlas get sick – i just wish that they could transfer it to me. I’d rather have to deal with it than watch my children suffer.

Prayers that Cooper starts feeling better real soon.

And can get back to snacking on those yummy treats. 🙂


Ugh, I hope he gets this cleared up once and for all. Quickly. Poor little guy.

But at least he’s eating. Doggie treats are food, no?


Ok, this is off topic but I just noticed the thing of the right… blogthings is crap b/c there is no way you are Sunrise. It is impossible to get you out of bed and if the children would let you, you would sleep to 10am every day (helps support your 12-1am plurking habit) 😉


I know Holden is older, but his Dr. did end up giving him Claritin in attempt to dry up the fluid in his ears


We too have been subjected to the first ear infection turned monster… after 4 rounds of antibiotics that would kill everything in some little African country, last week we got tubes. Yay tubes!

Good luck.


Justin–that Blogthing has nothing to do with what time I like to get up but what my personality is like. Plus, it’s about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my personality, so I like it. PPPPLLLLLTTTTTTHHHHHHH!
p.s. I seem to remember that I get up and am nicer than you are in the morning!


Is he licking the dog’s biscuits for them?
That is SO sweet! Dogs love stuff that’s been pre-moistened!

Dude, you would not believe how many antibiotics it took to get me over that #$%@! flu I had when Cherry was born. I swear, they are building better viruses every year. I hope the little biscuit-licker feels better soon.


I have a sicky here too. But I am not as nearly as wonderful and motherly as you. Could have something to do with mine being taller than me…

Hope this round of antibiotics does the trick babe!

Madame Queen

You know, Punkin went through a similar thing when she was about 23 months old. She started with a mystery fever that was incorrectly diagnosed as strep and then we were on antibiotics for a month trying to clear everything up.

Hope Cooper’s better soon!


Bless his heart! My girls lived with one ear infection after another when they were little, I know how you feel! I hope the *^%#@! doctor knows what to do NOW!
By the way, I have memed you and I know you’re busy, but just whenever you get around to it, it will make a good post! Go on over and check it out when you get a chance.
I will pray for Cooper!


Poor darling! I mean you, you know … 🙂 He’ll forget all about it once it’s gone. I was always a bad momma and gave my kids liquid NyQuil, modified for their age and weight. Worked wonders.


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