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I’d Rather Be Waterboarding

Not sure if it’s hit you northern folks yet, but Spring has sprung in the DC-area: the birds are singing and playing in my backyard, “our” mourning doves have returned, the hyacinths are scenting the air with their sweet fragrance, the apple blossoms are beginning to bud, and Ginger has already had her first tick […]

Who Wants a Kaopectate Shake?

Or Who Swapped my Lipton for Some Colon Cleanse Tea? No seriously. Who swapped out my tea? Cuz while I am glad I’m not constipated, this is not any better. I’m also starting to wonder if I just have one big mega virus making its way through all my major body systems, seeing that I […]

Waiting Patiently for Frogs and Locusts

I know I usually blame my lack of writing and reading on work. And I still will. But adding into the fun has been several waves of illness. The kids have had a bit of congestion on-and-off since our trip to Chicago, but it’s been pretty mild…just your usual run-of-the-mill runny noses and occasional cough. […]

Ear Tubes Chronicles: Finale

Thursday was busy. I had to work and tried to get as much stuff done as possible so that on Friday my work-load from home would be fairly light. Well, that wasn’t to be the case because waiting in my email box was a message requesting that I do some work that evening. I was […]

Ear Update

We had Cooper’s follow-up visit with the ENT this morning and the doctor still found fluid behind one of his ears. Since he is currently fighting a very snotty cold, the doctor all but guaranteed that it would develop into an infection by the weekend and gave me a prescription to fill and administer once […]