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Finding Out

This morning we will (hopefully) find out what we’re having. As most people know, I’m really hoping this baby will be a girl because it will be nice to have some pink and lace around here. I mean, the dogs are both girls, but their inability to see most colors makes them less excited about […]

Goodbye from Justin

Since I have been a huge slacker, due to work, Justin traveling, back-to-back-to-back (yes, three) colds, Thanksgiving, and a short, but all-consuming obsession with all things “Twilight”-related, I am reposting Justin’s article from this past Sunday. I will certainly miss checking on his perspective of things and the funny pics he takes while on his […]

Mother’s Day 2009

I hope all of you moms out there had an absolutely smashing mother’s day! I know mine this year was quite a step-up from years past because: it didn’t rain. In fact, it was the first time in the past ten days or so that it didn’t rain even the tiniest littlest drop. it didn’t […]

Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 2

I was fully expecting Justin to kind of fill this in since this part of the trip was more him than me. Or at least he had a lot more to talk about than me. But he hasn’t so I will at least put a little something before BlogHer starts pulling my ads for lack […]

Day 17 and Counting

It’s been a very busy seventeen days. And the original plans were that I would pick Justin up from the airport this afternoon, but Blizzard Number Four had other plans…not only did it plow through two days after the last one, but it stuck around a bit longer and got worse than expected. He has […]