Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 2

I was fully expecting Justin to kind of fill this in since this part of the trip was more him than me. Or at least he had a lot more to talk about than me. But he hasn’t so I will at least put a little something before BlogHer starts pulling my ads for lack of blog posts.

We drove on Sunday afternoon to Justin’s parents, had a late dinner and let Gavin and Cooper run around with their cousin, Holden, for a little while. The following morning, we got up, ate breakfast, and were joined by Justin’s youngest sister, Jamie, and her two boys, Kaiden and Kael. The rest of the day was pretty laid-back as we just swapped-out the younger three kids for naps and let them all play together before having dinner. The kids had a lot of fun together (well, when mine weren’t being big cry-babies about riding in the back of their grandparents’ little lawn tractor), and Justin and I enjoyed spending some down-time with his family.

Oh, and then there was that fun my mother-in-law and Justin had with the neighbors cows. That was actually really funny, but I”m not allowed to tell you about it, mostly because I wasn’t directly involved with said cows…so go annoy Justin, either in the comments below, or on his site.

Those cows don't belong there...

Those cows don't belong there...

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