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September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that? Like most people, you probably didn’t. Despite how cancer devastates the families of the children suffereing from the disease, there is very little airplay and ad-time devoted to increasing awareness and requesting donations. Advanced Medical Imaging: Breast Screening & Diagnosis helps early detection and may give a chance. Some of you […]

September 11th

This is a repost from last year (I did update it slightly). While my personal schedule made it impossible for me to write a new post remembering this day, I had a heavy heart the entire day thinking about all that happened. I again want to thank Elliot from Elliot in the Morning on DC101 […]

Keep Believing

You may have noticed that I’ve added a few buttons and links recently. Now while I’d love if you’d click on the ones that will bring in a penny or two of revenue (the circus refused to take my kids OR the animals), I’d really like you to please take a moment and click on […]

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who helped out with the fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I know we get asked to help from so many different places and I really want to extend my gratitude to those of you who were so lovely as to make a purchase, where all of the proceeds […]


I found that kolachkys are a lot easier to make when you can find the fruit filling. Solo Cake and Pastry Filling in Apricot, Raspberry, and Prune, to be exact. Super Target? No. Harris Teeter? No. But feel free to select from their more than 80 varieties of EVOO…I only wish I was exaggerating. Safeway? […]