I found that kolachkys are a lot easier to make when you can find the fruit filling. Solo Cake and Pastry Filling in Apricot, Raspberry, and Prune, to be exact.

Super Target? No.
Harris Teeter? No. But feel free to select from their more than 80 varieties of EVOO…I only wish I was exaggerating.
Safeway? No. One helpful employee asked if I couldn’t just make the cookies with apple or cherry pie filling…and didn’t quite understand when I answered, “well, they wouldn’t be kolachkys then.”
45 minutes later at Giant? Yes.

But after that? Everything went smoothly. I was even able to roll the dough because I finally decided to use my brain and roll it out on my pastry mat taped to my kitchen table instead of trying to roll it out on my counter. With being only 61 inches tall, it makes it hard to roll out stiff, cold dough on these fancy-schmancy 42 inch counters. I also put a sheet of wax paper on the dough when I rolled it out, and it didn’t stick to my rolling pin.

The only hard part now? Keeping Justin from eating them!

I also got brave and made sugar cookies with Gavin. He got so crazy with the sprinkles, nonpareils, and colored sugar that a few cookies came out looking like there was melted crayon on them. I laughed at it until I tried to clean my pans.

I hope everyone is having just as much fun with your families. And if you haven’t yet, please take a peek at my fundraiser and get your order in!

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LG's Mama

Omigod! I was so excited to see the title of this post! Someone else loves Kolachkys too?! I always have a stock of Solo filling on hand just in case. I have found it at Giant and World Market. I have also been known to buy it on vacations (NYC has a great selection). Poppyseed are my favorites!

Okay end Polish cookie love…

BTW, have you heard the Christmas song by the Veggie Tales called the 8 Polish foods of Christmas? My family loves it.


That’s so cute about Gavin and the cookies, I can’t wait for Landon to get old enough to do that!


I too love Kolachkys and use to make them often. Then I started cheating and making the pan Kolachkys. Both are good though! And my store stocks Solo filling all the time in all the flavors. It’s not in the ‘can fruit’ section of the store like where can peaches etc are… it’s in the baking aisle where can pie filling is.


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