I Live Under a Rock

And yes, there are kolachkys under this rock with me. You think I’d leave them for Justin to enjoy? NO WAY!

So yes. I have been living under a rock because I had NO freakin’ clue that the location for BlogHer ’09 had been announced back in the beginning of November. In my defense, I didn’t receive an email from them (because I have been keeping up with that, even if my laundry and pet-hair tumbleweeds are piling up). But I’ll forgive them since I had such a stellar time at their BlogHer ’08 Road Trip in October. But, for those of you who were under that rock with me (cuz, dude, I make a mean kolachky), BlogHer ’09 will be in CHICAGO!!!!

As most of you lovely readers know, I’m originally from Chicago, so this means I am sooooo incredibly excited that I can barely see straight (that and a fun, refreshing replay of pink-eye). I immediately called Justin, shouting on the phone, “I know what people can get me for my birthday! You know, if they ask” (since I refuse to recognize the fact that I’m too old to demand birthday gifts).
“What’s that?” he asks.
“Money for BlogHer ’09!” I squeal.
“Um…how are they going to do that? Do they have some sort of gift card set-up?”
“Oh. Uh. Didn’t think about it. But that’s exactly what I want for my birthday” (besides a new car and a million dollars…).

I’m sure all my office-mates were thrilled for me as I shouted all of this jubilantly into the phone, but I seriously could not stop screaming about it.

I also did some research on the hotel and the block-rate that BlogHer is getting: $199/night…not too shabby when even Sheraton’s online, prepaid, no refunds/cancellations rate that includes unlimited internet access during your stay is something like $286/night. And I’m totally trying to figure out how to make sure I register before February 28th for the conference itself so that I can take advantage of the early bird pricing of only $99/day instead of $149/day (dude…two day pass at early bird pricing saves you $100!). Even better would be if I got a roommate. So…if you like BlogHer, like Chicago, don’t mind me too much, and you don’t snore, consider saving some moola and be my roomie. I’ll bring the make-up and hair-rollers if you bring the popcorn and nail polish.

And by make-up, hair-rollers, and nail polish, I mean vodka, cosmo mix, and martini glasses.

Popcorn always means popcorn. Seriously. There had better be popcorn.

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What’s BlogHer, never heard of it… Okay, I lie, but I being a He and not a Her would exclude me from all the fun, I think.

I think the Colleen’s should hang together, because I’m pretty sure it would be fun. When is it anyway? Maybe you could take in a Cubs game, I know that Colleen is a HUGE fan! 😉

De in D.C.

I’m definitely thinking about going this year after the fun of the outreach tour. The big guy just called this morning to say he bumped himself to a later flight today to get a free ticket, so I wouldn’t even have to worry about the airfare. I’m sure Colleen above would be a better roomie (since I’m sure you know her better than a 15min chat over hor d’orves) but keep me in mind if you hear of anyone else ISO roommates 🙂


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