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Guess what I found out while I was at BlogHer last weekend (besides that I really like mini beef wellingtons)? That I am a bonafide, grade-A, card-carrying camera whore. As in, if someone pulls out a camera, I am somehow getting my big toothy grin in the shot. So besides all the pics where I […]

I Live Under a Rock

And yes, there are kolachkys under this rock with me. You think I’d leave them for Justin to enjoy? NO WAY! So yes. I have been living under a rock because I had NO freakin’ clue that the location for BlogHer ’09 had been announced back in the beginning of November. In my defense, I […]

I’m Being Lazy

Justin posted a whole bunch more of our pics from last weekend when we were in Chicago and from Halloween, so be sure to head over and take a peek. I’d repost all them, but I’m tired (yes, tired, even though my kids actually slept in today…unheard of on the Fall Daylight Savings Ending weekend) […]

Funny Family

I don’t know about any of you, but my family is crazy. Some members are certifiable. No really…I’ve got a few bonafide card-carrying nuts in my big ol’ family tree. But I love all of ’em. Scene 1: 7-year old nephew, Richie, from Texas is wearing shorts and a long-sleeve tee even though it’s only […]

Soooo Yeah…

I guess my posts while in Chicago were exceptionally light, seeing that neglected to post anything at all. I had full intentions of doing so. Even considered scheduling out some posts and had been tagged for a couple of memes. But I kept running out of time: I had to work Wednesday night and Thursday […]