I’m Being Lazy

Justin posted a whole bunch more of our pics from last weekend when we were in Chicago and from Halloween, so be sure to head over and take a peek. I’d repost all them, but I’m tired (yes, tired, even though my kids actually slept in today…unheard of on the Fall Daylight Savings Ending weekend) and I’m an exceptionally lazy person at times. Like I can’t tell you how many loads of clean laundry are waiting to be folded, yet here I am, writing a lazy post and making pathetic attempts to get caught-up with my blog reading. So go click on those links and enjoy the pics.

Becca 3, Meghan 6 mos, Mitch 2, Cooper 1, Gavin 4

All my babies: Becca (3), Meghan (6 mos), Mitch (2), Cooper (1), and Gavin (4)

Me and my bros

Me and my bros…not a serious bone among the five of our bodies. We’re sort of standing in order of age…you know if you started the front left and sort of go counter-clockwise around towards the back. Or from front-left, Rich (oldest), me (second oldest), Justin (middle), and from back-right, Jeremy (second youngest), and Doug (the bald baby of the family)

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I did check out those pics at Justin’s blog, but I’m lazy too. I didn’t even comment. He’ll hate me.


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