Election Day Tomorrow

Alright, after hearing this, I nearly lost.my.mind.

Safe for work – clean language

If you are voting for someone, you should at least know where your candidate of choice sits on one or two major issues. An informed voting public is the BEST voting public, so please check the sites listed below, read up on the candidates (several of these sites even give you info on local elections), and make sure you know your stuff before you go to the voting booth tomorrow.

Oh, and Obama supporters?…just because it seems as if Obama’s winning in these polls you see on the news, doesn’t necessarily means that he will tomorrow, so make sure you vote.

McCain supporters?…same thing: don’t believe the polls and go vote. There is no poll out there that is as accurate as your butt in the booth.

Me? I am running the kids up to daycare then coming all the way back home to vote, and I will be bringing a chair and book with me to pass the time while in line.

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swirl girl

My 4th grader knows more about this election and both candidates than most legal voters..many of whom are voting for the first time simply because of race , gender or religion.

This infuriates me.

Jen T.

Sadly, the people on that clip sound like my co-workers tonight. You should vote for the person’s ideas and not what they look like. Many people seem to be voting for either canidate for the wrong reasons.


I voted last week – now I’m pushing everyone else to do so – but only AFTER making an informed decision!!!!


I voted last week too – I had to do an absentee ballot. I think I’ll keep the tv turned off tonight and just wait to see what happens tomorrow. My nerves!!


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