Funny Family

I don’t know about any of you, but my family is crazy. Some members are certifiable. No really…I’ve got a few bonafide card-carrying nuts in my big ol’ family tree. But I love all of ’em.

Scene 1: 7-year old nephew, Richie, from Texas is wearing shorts and a long-sleeve tee even though it’s only about 40 degrees. As people are leaving towards the end of the evening, a lot of cold air is coming in the house.
Richie: It is frickin’ freezing out there!
Colleen: uh, yeah! that’s why we wear pants in Chicago

Scene 2: Great Aunt Dee gives Mom a dish of her chili cheese dip to warm up in the microwave when she first enters the house. Four hours later when Great Aunt is taking her leave, she realizes she never saw the chili cheese dip make it to the counter with the rest of the food. She tell me and my Aunt Dathene and we start giggling because my mom had been leaving foods in the microwave all day.
Aunt Dathene: (running towards my mom in the crowded kitchen) Man! I could really use some chili cheese dip right now!
Mom: (distracted) huh? (realization hits that it has been in the microwave this whole time and her face changes to a look of exaggerated mortification)
Colleen & Great Aunt Dee: bwahahahahahahahaha!

Scene 3: Mom and I are going through my old toys in the basement and Gavin comes wandering down.
Gavin: Mommy, I need tacos.
Colleen: You need tacos?
Gavin: Yeah.
Colleen: Did Daddy send you down here?
Gavin: Yeah.
Mom: Guess it’s time to go to Pepe’s, eh?

We also shamelessly and relentlessly harassed my oldest brother, Rich, about his vegan lifestyle. He said he’d almost be better off being gay than vegan in west Texas, and survives by occasionally leaving crumbled cheeseburger wrappers in and around his car. We reminded him that carrying around a hot-pink phone (“It’s ma-gen-TAAAA!” he claims) is not helping, either.

We found that Cooper is getting to his jealous toddler stage. He was not exactly pleased that I was holding and playing with his 5-month old cousin, Kael. Seeing him try to jealously push away a wiggly non-mobile infant was kind of funny.

Then we have this…a pic my dad took while he and my step-mom were visiting two weeks ago:

I cannot stop laughing at it.

There were so many other things said and done that kept me laughing the whole weekend–I wish I could recount them all. But I’m so thankful we could go and see everyone. This will make Thanksgiving and Christmas without them a little easier to bear this year.

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Ah, the joy of family gatherings…

By the way, I am so with your nephew, I’m always wearing shorts here, even in the winter – it gets me through lines faster, because the people feel sorry for me. 🙂

Funny thing about that is my MIL knows that I wear shorts all the time, and she seriously thinks that I will need pants when we are at Disney in December. I don’t have all this padding for nothing!

Have a scary night!! BOO!!


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