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Is This Thing On?

Hi, my name is Colleen, and I’ve been MIA for longer than I care to think about. Between commuting to my full-time job, caring for our three children, three cats, two dogs, and one house, I was busy. Justin’s job sending him to all sorts of locations for days on end just made things insane….read more


This public service announcement has been brought to you by the makers of cheaply-made and ill-fitting maternity clothes. Dear Women-Who’ve-Never-Been-Pregnant: Do not, I repeat, do not EVER say to a pregnant woman “wow! you’re getting BIG!” or “you must be getting HUGE!” It is tacky that you, a woman who has most likely never watched…read more

Week 32 and Counting

Some things I feel the need to get off my chest. Or belly, since most stuff falls off, or completely bypasses my chest, only to land on my belly. I had all these huge plans to better document this pregnancy. For one, this is the first pregnancy where I had a blog, as opposed to…read more

Introducing the Choppy Bob (day 7 of 17)

After a long time of having varying lengths of medium blonde hair with light blonde highlights, I got nostalgic for my red hair and and slightly more edgy cut. I give you the choppy bob, complete with the same light blonde highlights but now with renewed strawberry glaze over all the rest. Sorry for the…read more

I Live Under a Rock

And yes, there are kolachkys under this rock with me. You think I’d leave them for Justin to enjoy? NO WAY! So yes. I have been living under a rock because I had NO freakin’ clue that the location for BlogHer ’09 had been announced back in the beginning of November. In my defense, I…read more