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That Weekend, You Know, in Chicago?

BlogHer was a ton of fun for so many reasons. And the fact that it was in Chicago tickled me to no end because I really miss that city. Anytime we fly to Chicago I lean as far as I can to see out the windows as we approach the city so that I can…read more


Guess what I found out while I was at BlogHer last weekend (besides that I really like mini beef wellingtons)? That I am a bonafide, grade-A, card-carrying camera whore. As in, if someone pulls out a camera, I am somehow getting my big toothy grin in the shot. So besides all the pics where I…read more

I Promise I Will Write About BlogHer!!!

Seriously I will. I wanted to on Sunday when I was sitting in the Sheraton’s little internet cafe waiting for my brother to pick me up, but I was too tired and too hungover. And the stupid Sheraton wouldn’t give me more than an hour for late check-out. Punks. I wanted to Sunday night while…read more

I’m Finally Here!

I actually have like four other posts sitting in my head, but wanted to just holler, “I made it to BlogHer!” I futzed around not doing what I should’ve been doing last night (packing) and finally got to bed around 1am, and I got up at 5am, showered, got ready and got myself to the…read more

Gettin’ Back Into the Game

So besides the awesome new look, I’ve been trying to clean things up, add a few things, pages, etc. You know, spruce things up a bit since I’ve been so neglectful the past eight or ten months. I figure that I’ve been “gone” so long, feeling so isolated because my life got so crazy, that…read more