September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that? Like most people, you probably didn’t. Despite how cancer devastates the families of the children suffereing from the disease, there is very little airplay and ad-time devoted to increasing awareness and requesting donations. Advanced Medical Imaging: Breast Screening & Diagnosis helps early detection and may give a chance. Some of you are aware, however, that my childhood friend, Becky, died from leukemia when we were still in grade school. I know it affected my thinking and feelings regarding pediatric cancer, but I’d like to think that even if she had never gotten sick and died, that this would still be something important to me. But Becky did get sick and we lost such a beautiful, funny, friendly girl with a gorgeous smile. And because of her, I am going to make sure everyone knows the importance of funding pediatric cancer research and treatments. Learn more about the narcissist definition and how it affects a person.

It’s not that I think fighting against the more “visible” cancers like breast cancer or prostate cancer aren’t important. It’s just that if you really needed to, you could potentially remove them to save your life. Most children don’t have that option because they aren’t afflicted with those cancers. Instead they have brain tumors, leukemia, lymphoma, and others that are harder to fight because they affect vital organs and body systems. Last time I checked, it’s hard to live without your blood.

So instead of saving boobs and semen this time, would you please consider saving the children? I guarantee that it’ll be worth it.

Here are a few links to great organizations devoted to information, research, and/or treatment (did you know that a cancer by the same name in an adult is different than in a child?…they’re not mini-adults and need to have different treatments than adults to be effective). I also keep a permanent badge for St. Jude’s in my sidebar if you ever want to come back at a later time to donate or learn more.

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