bad little ignition coils

Yep…it was the ignition coils located within the ignition housing in-between the two sets of spark plugs.  There was electricity arching between the coils causing a short, which caused the misfires on plugs 1 and 3.  When our garage guy, Brendan, was showing us (with my old coils and housing) what was going on, it was incredibly interesting…and we could see how it was nearly impossible to see this happening without tearing the car into a gajillion pieces since his training is straight from the source from one of the best experts in town.  I blame GM for their really crappy design flaw that would (1) allow the coils to be so stinkin’ close together to tempt them into arching electricity and (2) having such a cheap plastic creation instead of a more robust and reliable ignition set-up.  So they replaced the ignition coils, did a car oil change and replaced the housing and all four spark plugs (they were due soon anyways). And it cost less than the ignition module (aka computer thingy that controls the ignition).

 But it works great now!  So my offer is still on the table–$4,000 or Best Offer (and it better be good…I think I’m still paying off the waterpump and timing kit from this spring!!!).  Great little car for a teenager who needs to just drive to school or their after-school job, or for someone to putter around town in instead of their big gas-guzzling SUV.  Any takers?  Huh?  Huh?

No?  Okay…well…it’s out there.  I know someone will love it.  And if not, then someone in West Virginia will end up buying it off of a dealer for like $6,000.  You know how those dealers like to mark up a used car!

Well, I may be kind of quiet the rest of the weekend…I need to upgrade my WordPress because I am now some backhills hilljack who doesn’t know nothin’ about no interweb!  Also, depending on what kind of fun we encounter at dinner tomorrow at our friend’s house.  Yeah, I’ll just be rippin’ on someone else’s family for a change. 🙂

So Happy Turkey-Day, Y’All!!!

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