“Weirdness is a Relative Concept”

I mentioned briefly earlier that weird , like a lot of things in life, is relative.  I heard this from Mike Warnke, a Christian comedian, back when I was still a kid.  I took it to heart because it was so stinkin’ true.  I hope Mr. Warnke doesn’t mind that I roughly plagiarize paraphrase this because it’s still a pretty funny bit:

Weirdness is a relative concept.  What happens to you may not be weird to you, but it may be weird to me.

Think about it.  If normal things happen to normal people, that’s normal, right?  And if weird things happen to normal people, that’s weird, right?  So then if weird things happen to weird people, that would be normal, right?  Which means that if normal things happen to weird people, that would be weird.  Thus, weirdness is a relative concept.

So in light of that, it makes you wonder if the weird things that I encounter are actually weird or not, because I’m already a little strange, and I’m pretty sure those weird things don’t really happen to normal people, or at least they’d think they’re weird too…maybe even weirder than I think of them.  Hmmm….  something to think about, folks!

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