In Duh Pwime ob Mah Libe

I have been totally slacking in the Blogging Department.  Let me add that I have been totally slacking in the Cooking, Cleaning, Mother, Wife, Employee, Reading-Other-Blogs, and Breathing-Without-Coughing-and-Gagging Departments as well.  That is because I was struck down with bronchitis (heh, you’d think I had diphtheria or something).  Meanwhile, my healthy and illustrious industrious not-very-busy husband has been blogging away here and there, and all around the square, saying “catch me if you can”.  No.  Not really.  Well, yes, he’s really been blogging and taking pictures and such, but not really quoting lines from “Frosty the Snowman”.  Well, maybe, I don’t pay attention to what he says in his sleep.

So yes, I had bronchitis.  Gavin had a little cold for like three days and was fine.  Cooper had the croup for well over a week, kept me up middle of the night for over two weeks, but has gotten better finally and is starting to get back into a better sleeping pattern at night.  This entire time I had a little cold that got worse and worse and worse, especially when I can only get 2 of sleep at a time due to my lovely children ganging up on me.  Eventually, bronchitis took over and made for a fun and noisy holiday weekend.

But with a nice Z-pack from the doctor, I am feeling considerably better, though still sound wonderfully nasally…not that I didn’t already have a nasally/shrill voice…but it is so much more nasal…and deep, too.  Really sexy stuff, I tell you.  Reminded me of the episode of Friends where Monica was sick but was trying to be sexy because I think her and Chandler were trying to get pregnant, and proclaimed she was “in duh pwime ob mah libe” while feverish and covered in Vicks vapor-rub.  Only I’m not looking for anything except some sleep.

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Oh, you are definitely “in duh pwime ob mah libe”! How do you expect anyone to resist that lovely sent Eau de Vicks?


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