She Made It!

I never thought she would live to see 100,000 miles! That poor 2001 Chevy Cavalier of mine made it 100,000 miles, despite my grumblings, despite the warning from some mechanics, despite have several major (read: expensive!) operations, like the water pump, timing kit, body control module, replacing ignition coils, and not to mention all the countless smaller repair bills.

And she made it even with that dang Check-Engine light glaring at me since late June letting me know the catalytic converter is still feeling fussy…

I can’t wait to get home and celebrate tonight with some wine for me and some engine cleaner for her.

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So… details, please/ Where were you when your car hit the magic 100K? What were you doing? You know, share like you are filling out a memory page. Oh and give her a good bath, she deserves it. 🙂


I still cannot believe that your car has so many problems. They don’t make them like they used to. Our girl might be rusted and falling apart, but she runs like a top at 230K. But apparently Cavaliers are still good enough to get to the first 100K!


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