Can I Bid on Some Money?

So, is it just me? Or is everyone in their brother selling all their worldly belongings on eBay? Or possibly items from their neighbor’s trash? Like coupons for toothbrushes. Or used shoes in “trashed” condition. Amazing.

Besides all the selling on eBay, what is even more interesting is the seeming lack of buying there right now. I mean, it makes sense that if folks don’t have money, they aren’t going to spend it on someone else’s junk, right? The sad part is the folks that are making out on this is eBay…they still rake in on listing fees.

Now, if I could entice someone to buy my barely-used bumble bee costume.

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I know, right? I just sold something on ebay, but I won’t list unless I see my item currently being bid on. It’s nuts. Good luck with the bee!


Hold onto that thing if you can’t sell it this year. I picked one up at Salvation Army one year for Micah for like, .50. I resold it the next year on ebay for $10. Not big money by any stretch but a profit nonetheless. With the recession this year it might be good to hold onto that for next year.


Yes, I’m stuck with a pile of “gently” used clothing because I’m too scared to try and list it on ebay! It’s no good if nobody wants to buy anything right now!


My boys were on eBay looking for McDonald’s Monopoly pieces… they actually found some! Crazy! I am simply amazed at what I find there. My kids all want me to buy the ‘like-new’ Dell laptops, a set of six for $1300.

I might just be crazy enough to do that. 🙂


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