I’m Not Technical…

But this doesn’t look so good:

Here, look closer:

Yeah, that was my first clue last week that the hotel had wireless internet service. Nothing in the Guest Information book or on the desk about it, let alone pricing info (had to call the desk to find out from an overly perky and condescending clerk that she wasn’t really sure how to use the service, either).

By the way, I did try to pull those RJ-11 ports through in order to try to use them, though I thought they were RJ-45 at first (since I couldn’t see them). You can imagine my irritation when, after scraping up my fingers pulling them through, that the stinkin’ ethernet cable didn’t fit in the port.

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swirl girl

You should have just used the XK19 Space Modulator to blast that clerk into looney toon heaven!

Honestly, I have no idea what any of that meant!


I LOVE the Space Modulator!!!

Need to get yourself an aircard for occasions like that, or a wireless modem… I’m just sayin’. 🙂


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