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Look! Sonogram Images!

*pay no attention to the negligent mother hiding behind the computer screen* I really and truly have been meaning to post these. But I really and truly did have an issue with my scanner. I would attempt to scan the images and it would say “uh, I’m sorry, which computer would you like these sent […]

I’m Not Technical…

But this doesn’t look so good: Here, look closer: Yeah, that was my first clue last week that the hotel had wireless internet service. Nothing in the Guest Information book or on the desk about it, let alone pricing info (had to call the desk to find out from an overly perky and condescending clerk […]

Oh, hi. I’m back.

Sorry about that folks. Did you miss me? Well, according to my IT department (er, uh, Justin), “Our web hosting provider has notified us that we are moving to a “bigger better” server, but in order to do that this website will be down. When you ask? sometime between Dec 20 and 22 and the […]