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A Cavalier Attitude and Giveaway Results

Hey there. Sorry I’m late on the giveaway results. But I had a good reason: My little Chevy Cavalier got a flat tire on my way home to cook Justin’s birthday steak dinner last night…you know, cuz having a still-busted catalytic converter and a “check-engine” light on all the time wasn’t enough. I was waiting […]

Go Ball State!

My alma mater, Ball State University, has been having one helluva football season! We are 6-0 and I am completely beside myself (they were never that good when I was there, of course). And even after one of our top players, Dante Love, suffered a very serious spinal injury a few weeks ago, the team […]


I’ve got some stuff to share real quick: Tuesday (7th) is Justin’s birthday. I wanted to make sure it was out there so that you can all razz him about getting older. I mean, come on, this guy remembers watching “The Million-Dollar Man”. I remember catching a few reruns on channels that specialize in replaying […]

The One Where Cooper Feeds the Dogs Again

——————————————- Uh…I don’t think you stopped by my giveaway. You only have until midnight (ok, 11:59pm ET) on Monday, October 6th to leave a comment with your favorite post. Or leave several comments with your favorite posts (I’m creating “Top-Five” or “Best-Of” type list). Each comment with a post gets entered into the giveaway for […]

Get it Down: 31 for 21 (2008)

Remember when I did this last year? Probably not since most of you readers weren’t visiting me back then. But maybe you saw it on Karen’s site, or Tricia’s, or someone else’s site who was blogging for Downs Awareness. So even though mine will probably be more aptly named “30 for 21” since I didn’t […]