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Snow Day…a live blogging event

8:15am – School is closed.  There’s a dusting on the ground and it’s presently raining…there better be a heckuva lot more snow by 3pm. 9:00am – After dropping Cooper and Nolan off at daycare, stopped at the grocery store to get a Starbucks coffee and to load up on yogurt. Expand Your Portfolio and Open […]

We Really Need to Quit Meeting Like This (aka I Really Do Like Blogging)

So it seems the only time I can remember to blog anymore is when I get those little reminder emails from BlogHerAds reminding me that I once again have forgotten for more than two weeks and uh, I won’t have any ads there until they start seeing activity. At first I’d get annoyed, now I’m […]

Adventures in Lawn Care

Not to get off-topic right away (is it really off-topic when I haven’t started?), but I’m relieved to see that out of the 12 votes on my poll, none were for pepper-spraying me at BlogHer. However, I suspect that Justin is responsible for all five votes for “it sounds like a rash”. Such a supportive […]

A Cavalier Attitude and Giveaway Results

Hey there. Sorry I’m late on the giveaway results. But I had a good reason: My little Chevy Cavalier got a flat tire on my way home to cook Justin’s birthday steak dinner last night…you know, cuz having a still-busted catalytic converter and a “check-engine” light on all the time wasn’t enough. I was waiting […]

Observations and Rants from a Psuedo Single Mom

In no particular order… Justin has been gone again all this week for training. He’s been sleeping in a hotel room by himself in a king-size bed. He gets to sleep without being woken up by an early-bird four-year old, snoring dogs, noisy neighbors, or nocturnally-crazed cats. He wakes up, works out in the hotel […]