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WANTED: Teams for a Plurk/Twitter FFB League

I am going to go out on a limb and try to start up a Plurk/Twitter Fantasy Football League. While serious contenders are more than welcome, I’d like to stress that this. is. for. fun. I don’t want people getting crazy, mean, and anxious. At least besides me since that’s my normal disposition. But seriously, […]

Letters While Driving 7

Aw…Thanks for the nice compliments about my hair…you gals are all so sweet! And yes, Justin does have his redeeming moments…yesterday morning just happened to be one of them and I was feeling warm and fuzzy enough from the coffee to mention it. Now if he could’ve reminded me (1) before dinner, (2) after dinner, […]

If You Build It, They Will Come

Or:  If You Complain About Your Child, They Will Stop the Annoying Behavior in an Attempt to Make You a Liar. Yep…Cooper slept through the night last night.  Only one time did he scream, and that was at like 11pm and I was still up, so it only made me cringe a little (and will […]

Appreciation and Screaming While Sleeping

First and foremost, I need to get some Thank-You’s out there.  I’ve been a bit lax in the gratitude department.  I want to say thanks to LaskiGal at From the Cheap Seats for hearting my little blog: I’m not quite sure who to pass this along to, since it seems nearly everybody that I regularly read […]

Quick Confession

For some reason, I feel the need to confess that I am zoning out watching “Tommy Tiernan:  Something Mental” on Comedy Central.  I cannot stop laughing.  I don’t know if it’s just because he’s Irish, because he’s actually funny, or maybe my little Zoloft pill is mixing weird with my wine?  I’ll let you decide.  Although […]