If You Build It, They Will Come

Or:  If You Complain About Your Child, They Will Stop the Annoying Behavior in an Attempt to Make You a Liar.

Yep…Cooper slept through the night last night.  Only one time did he scream, and that was at like 11pm and I was still up, so it only made me cringe a little (and will him back to sleep).  When I went to check on the kids for the night before I went to bed around 11:30pm, I took off my slippers and freakin’ tip-toed into his room around to the head of his crib so he couldn’t see me, people!  I was that desperate to make sure he wasn’t awake when I checked on him and added a couple blankets to keep him cozy since we were getting a nice windstorm.  And he slept.  He slept until about 7:30am with no other peeps besides the occasional cough.  Stinker.

Meanwhile, since we were getting the above-mentioned windstorm, I was up half the night…like every time it sounded as if the siding was being pulled off from behind my head.  The way our house is situated, our bedroom is on the southeast corner of the house, so we rarely hear any actual wind noise since our bedroom furniture is also on the other side of the room…just my wind chimes blaring away on the porch below.  The kids, however, both have their bedrooms along the north wall of the house and the wind just HOWLS past and makes a right racket.  Not to mention that I suspect that the two pieces of siding that were a bit loose from the last windstorm may have possibly been peeled off (they were up so high that we’d need a 30-foot ladder to fix, which means renting one from Lowe’s or something like that, because I am not too keen on paying someone $50 or more to just snap them in like legos when we could do it ourselves…or actually Justin could do it since I am scared of heights).

In the morning, I hear Justin’s alarm going off at 5am so that he can go work out.  I nudge him and make sure he’s awake, and he shortly thereafter gets up and ready to go to the gym.  Just as I’m dozing back off, that man turns on the overhead light and starts interrogating me about a missing white sock.  He’s peppering me with questions regarding laundry and whites, and he’s only got one white sock left, and I think he said something else.  All I know is that I whined back something to the effect of “I folded the laundry; don’t know if there’s any socks in the dryer; I suck because I don’t know what’s in the dryer; wear a black sock instead because they’re both the gold-toe brand so at least they’ll compliment each other.”  Mercifully he turned off the light and left me alone.  About an hour later he comes back in the room and calls to me, and I growl back “what?!?” and wonder how accurately I could throw the TV remote at him.  Instead of another interrogation or blinding lights, he grabs my hand and places a Grande Honey Latte in my hand.  Needless to say, all is about 99% forgiven (sorry, Justin, that blinding you gave me was pretty reprehensible!  I’m holding about 1% against you).

In other updates…you will not be seeing any pictures of Gavin in green since he deemed keeping his clothes clean and dry a non-priority on Monday.  By the time Cooper and I arrived home, that child was already in his pj’s.  So you will have to make-due with the pictures that are already there on that post. 

As for my hair, here are a couple pictures, as promised.  Please don’t laugh at my dirty mirror or my kid’s snotty face:

cooper mirror


it actually looked a lot better 10 minutes prior…dang wimpy hair! 

But the color’s been corrected and the bad ends taken off and looks much better on my 5’1″ frame than hair 8 inches longer.

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Oh, the cuteness! The baby, the haircut…

I am lovin’ Justin for bringing you a latte. Is that wrong?

Burgh Baby's Mom

I was all prepared to dish out a “JUSTIN! You suck!” comment, but then the Latte happened. Frankly, a man who delivers Lattes in bed just can’t suck. (Anybody care to email my husband and give him that idea?)

Your haircut rocks! You’re pretty hot, you know?


OK, I feel that I need to chime in, and I don’t know if it really helps or hurts me (usually if you don’t know the best is to keep quite… never been able to do that). The latte was not a “sorry” or “peace gift”, it was because I’m an
and love my wife. I was in the grocery store at 6:30AM to purchase some items, and surprise, a Starbucks is in the grocery store. I knew Colleen would like a nice latte.


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