The Chase

Or Where I Thought Anthony Kiedis and Flea Were Behind Me on My Commute to Work

Below, from my camera phone on my way to work:

…and from "The Chase":

You can imagine my disappointment to see 3 Latinos crammed in where Anthony and Flea ought’a be.

So since I’m sleep-deprived and grouchy, let’s see what else is on my phone.

This would be where it was 89 degrees mid-April. Where our nice warm weather went is beyond me. It’s nearly June and I still need to run the heat at night.
See all the cars with break lights stretching ahead of me? This would be the kind of traffic I encounter ALL.DAY.EVERY.DAY. And this guy agrees with me:

I guess the chichi DC suburb I work in is trying to get some street cred from badass cities with pothole problems like Chicago, New York, and Muncie :

(sign reads: Potholing Next 2 Miles)

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Next time I’m down visiting my BIL we’ll have to get together. He’s stationed at the Pentagon but is currently deployed. Yeh, that traffic does suck.

Tranny Head

It makes one wonder how these vehicles are considered road-worthy . . . and yet some people who drive Accords get busted for flunking their emissions test.


If AK and Flea were in a pickup near me, I think they’d be afraid of ME following them!
Oh do we have some potholes here in Sweet Home Chicago. Some days I wonder if they’re actually tiny sinkholes that will soon swallow the entire city.

Tootsie Farklepants

I could use that license plate. Although, DC traffic is pretty awful. It may even be worse than LA just because it’s such a smaller, congested area.

I saw a license plate the other day that I finally figured out said “Proud 2 be an American” I can’t remember the letters that made it up though. Did I mention it was on a Hummer? With an American flag flying off the top of it? Yeah, he’s THAT guy.


I love that license plate. I will now be on the look out for it.

I’m just so happy that I moved to an office that does not require highway (especially beltway) travel for me to get to. The American Leagion Bridge was my nemisis for years.


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