Christmas in May?

Anyone for some egg-nog? get it? egg noggin? egg nog? no? uh. ok. ahem.

Well, here it is in all its glory…Cooper’s first major head injury. Apparently while crawling at school, and being cheered on by a couple teachers and director staff, he started showing off and laughing so hard that his hands slipped out and he landed on his face. And we don’t even have any pictures scheduled!

On an unrelated note, I am very excited to be joining a bunch of other folks from the DC mom-blog community (bloggers, their families, and readers) at the National Zoo tomorrow.

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Tranny Head


Tell him to welcome to the club. Sumo’s favorite passtime is bashing his head and leaving eggs in his wake.

I swear somebody’s going to think I beat him with a 2×4 one of these days


Sorry about the head trauma!

Loved meeting you at the zoo. Thanks for coming and hanging so long. Your boys are adorable, and husband very cool.


Ohhh! I miss the National Zoo! Last time I went, my oldest were one and two years old. I hope you have/had a fantastic time!

Those goose eggs are so normal at that age! Wait till he’s fully running!


Zane’s head always seems to look like this too! Guess that’s part of having boys!


So it’s NOT just my boys who suddenly get visible head injuries when we schedule pictures?! Poor little guy – he’s a tough one!


Awe . . . poor baby boy! J has been knocking his head quite a bit. I swear I keep thinking he’s got scrambled brains. But, he keeps talking, crawling, and eating . . . so all seems fine 🙂

Part of the biz of being a baby I s’pose!


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