I’ve Been Scooped!

So I was going to put this cute post here about our DC Bloggers trip to the National Zoo but my dearest darlingest husband scooped me while I was at Target desperately searching for Teething Tablets! WTH? And because I’m lazy and can’t re-write the post I had in my head, you’ll just have to live with the link to Justin’s page (he has pics!).
I will add that I did enjoy our trip, even if Gavin ate more than a hippo and Cooper whined piteously because we were negligent and left his binky in the truck (and by “we” I mean “Justin”). It was neat to put faces to the names (and real names, in some cases). I enjoyed meeting the kids and husbands I had read about and even Justin enjoyed himself. I think he and Caramama’s hubby, Londo, got on famously and may be planning some sort of husband-of-mommy-bloggers date. And while we have like 80 other pictures than the ones posted at Justin’s site, since they contained these other bloggers and their families, we wanted to be sure to respect their privacy. So send a self-addressed-stamped envelope to me with $20 inside and I will relinquish copies of the pictures to you.

Oh, I will leave you with this: should you ever drive to the National Zoo and can’t get a spot in the lot, please please please for the love of Beaujolais, park south (downhill) from the Zoo. Somehow the National Zoo defies all laws of physics and seems to be uphill in all directions. Make it easy on yourself and walk downhill to your car after all that hiking. Your hips and calves will thank you (and me).

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Tranny Head

I always park in that last lot for that reason – so I can do the hike at the BEGINNING of my day and not at the end – which sucketh ass.


We took the Metro, and that’s uphill back. On the plus side, I counted pushing the stroller back up the hill as my exercise point for the Moxie 60-day challenge!


We went to the zoo once and keep putting the kids off when they ask to go back.

Glad you had a good time, even if you were slow posting about it.

Go, Justin!


I had so much fun! I loved meeting you and chatting with you. And I know Londo enjoyed talking with your hubby too.

Definitely going to Metro next time. It’s not bad when you can part right in a lot there at the zoo, but when they are full and you have to part a mile away on some side street? Totally sucks.

Next time, let’s just do adults. Someplace where we can get drinks!


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