Too Hot

I’m too hot to write. As you can see below, Cooper’s so hot his hair started curling! And further down I am attempting to psych everyone into feeling cooler by seeing Gavin planting flowers with me and blowing bubbles in the cold rain Mother’s Day weekend.
(And Burgh?…just thought I’d remind you about rocks and glass houses and such…)

and is it just me, or is seeing Gavin in his orange and navy gettup in the cold make you want to make a pot of chili and watch a Bears game? No? Really? Just me? Okay.

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This is a blog where I will share my adventures and mundane tasks as a work-out-of-home-mom. I now have 2 kids and my wonderful husband, so the juggling has gotten a little bit more tricky (man-on-man defense). We also have 2 dogs and 3 cats (we used to have 4) so as you can imagine, our household is pretty busy. Since I never feel like I'm being listened to, I figured I'll just start talking at the general Internet community and see what happens.



aww, that second pic of you and coop is so cute! And what a great deck and backyard you have!


Your boys are so darn cute it hurts.

You may as well turn on the AC and settle in for the summer. Here? It’s going to get cold several times again before summer hits on July 4. Then it’s downhill from there.

Burgh Baby

You started it, wumman. That’ll teach you to leave me a sarcastic, “geesh are you lazy or what” type comment ever again. I hope.

I’m coveting your swing set. I want one SO BAD, but we need to move to make it happen. Mind if I come over to play? Er, I’ll bring the Toddler, too.

Madame Queen

Just looking at Gavin in that sweatshirt is making me hot. It’s like 70 degrees this morning with almost 100% humidity. Blech!


Weather is nuts this week – 80 and sweaty turned to 50 and freezing in just 24 hours. Ah, life in Chicago!
Go Bears! 🙂


Yay it’s crazy VA weather time. It was 90 yesterday. We were SWIMMING! Now it is 64 and miserable.


@AFF I purchased the Moose shirts at the Mooostastic store in the Anchorage, AK Airport. Gavin is sporting his Red Moose shirt on the Indiana pic.


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