Happy 11 Months, Cooper!

I say this every month, but I cannot figure out where time is going…where this guy:

turned into this guy:

And yes, his hair has been flopped over to the side, ala James Dean (sorta) because it’s so long. So this past Saturday we cut his hair. Well, Justin played Human Straight-Jacket while I cut it. With scissors. Cooper was not terribly pleased during the process, mostly he resented his Human Straight-Jacket, but afterwards he seemed to like seeing his own eyes again.

“No more haircuts, mama?!?”

“Haircut all-done, Cooper.”

And these are just some additional gratuitous kid photos, with 100% more moose than the last moose pictures, especially for AFF’s viewing pleasure!

“Get closer to your brother…put your arm around him.”

“Mommy! He’s touching me!”
“Cooper, your arms are too short. Gavin put your arm around Cooper. Quit whining about it.”

“No No! Don’t choke him!”

“There we go! Great picture!”
“Mommy, I can’t SEEEEEE!”
“I’ll show you in a minute…just SMILE!”

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Why must they grow??? J just his 10 months two days ago and I went into a full fledged panic. And, he still has barely any hair . . and now. ONE. Just one, crooked little tooth. He looks like an old man. A cute old man.

LOVE, LOVE the gratuitous photos. Thank you šŸ™‚


LOOK at that nursery wall! I luuuurve it, girl! Did you do that yourself?

And I love how Ginger got her head in the first moose shot.


Oh god! They are so cute! And Gavin looks so much like you in the face!!!!

And ahem what are you a size 2!!!!


Marti…a little bigger than that, but thanks! I pay for flattery like that…so expect a check in the mail. šŸ˜‰

Tranny Head

sumo is a ways away from a chop. But boy is Cooper cute … Gel and all. By the way, Sumo is a champion crawler, now. Apparently my kid learned to walk first, crawl later.

Burgh Baby

I think Cooper is going to be bigger than you by the time he’s four. He’s so freakin’ cute!

(As are you. *wink*)


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